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Archive for November 28, 2012

A Recipe With Hummus Will Help You Enjoy It More

Written by admin. Posted in Hummus dip recipes, Hummus dips, Hummus spread

Recipes with hummus

There is a growing hunger for a great recipe with hummus, as in 2010 alone consumption of the delicious spread rose by roughly 35 percent to nearly $300 million in sales. While hummus is most commonly a mere compliment to pitas or raw veggies, you can find a much more complex recipe with hummus where it is used as a spread or an ingredient in something else. While hummus continues to dominate the category of delicious refrigerated spreads, it has wildly grown from the $5 million dollar industry it once was only fifteen years ago and some of that growth as been contributed to alternative uses for a recipe with Hummus.

When hummus dip was first introduced to America in the sixties, it was thought of as a health food craze and was not very popular based on the hummus ingredients involved with making it. Since the actual recipe with hummus involves a mixture of purred chick peas, tahini, oil, garlic, and lemon, it is easy to see why it is a popular health food. However, today, hummus dip recipes are seriously main stream and by finding a great recipe with hummus, you can bring it into your home.

One of the most common alternative uses for hummas dips is as a sandwich spread. Many people however, have gotten much more creative than that. For instance, did you know that by taking your favorite hummus whether it be regular, roasted red pepper, or garlic hummus dip and mixing it with a binder such as bread crumbs and eggs, you can make an absolutely delicious and healthy vegetarian burger alternative that is great with all the same trimmings? This is only one of hundreds of recipes that use hummus that people are enjoying.

Of course, in order to get the best out of your hummus, you are going to need to find the right company to purchase the already made dip from and that company should be Sabra. Sabra is a leader in the hummus industry and by producing delicious spreads in several different flavors, you will have a great selection. This will allow you to use hummus in just about anything.

At the end of the day, your family will be wowed when you start bringing some real Mediterranean flare into your household. You will find that hummus may start to become the focal point of most meals. Your spouse and your kids will never get enough of it.